Nice lecture with an inspiring story.

I visited Eduardo Rocha, a musician and a very charming personality from Peru, when he gave his motivation speech at Eindhoven Library last January.

During this entertaining lecture, he tells you about his life and how difficult it has been. And he has a matching song about every part of his life which he plays on his guitar.
Eduardo wants to convince the audience that by working hard and fighting for your dreams, you can get very far. His motto is: Never give up!
And because of that attitude, he was able to study, despite difficult living conditions during his youth. And later on, he was able to move to Europe despite a huge economic crisis. He is very happy now with his wife and kids... but he came a long way!

Doinja Groert - 07.04.2020

Work-Life balance

Together with Eduardo I did a seminar about Work-Life balance.

He truly inspired me, but more importantly, he was a big inspiration for the whole crowd.
With his beautiful storytelling, he knows how to move people.
Eduardo is a guy you gotta love and his guitar play tops it all of.
Thank very very much Eduardo!

"Work-Life balance" - 10.12.2019

Howdo Magazine

Interview to Eduardo Rocha by HOWDO, The magazine for internationals. Area Eindhoven

Click here to read the complete interview :

Reactie: The magazine for internationals



Eduardo Rocha kwam zijn verhaal vertellen. Heel herkenbaar voor sommige van onze bezoekers.

Eduardo trekt volle zalen, er moesten zelfs stoelen bijgehaald worden. Zijn boodschap was ‘Never give up’.
Super bedankt voor het delen van je lifestory. Keep up the good work and spread the word!

Reactie: De Huiskamer voor Vluchtelingen Eindhoven


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