Who I am

Who I am

Eduardo is a musician, an entertainer with a charming stage presence. His main drive is his passion, which inspires his motivational speeches.

Eduardo originates from a poor family in Peru. Despite the harsh living conditions, he managed to be a technical computer expert and also has a master degree in system analysis. He financed his study by working long nights. Afterwards, he worked as a system analyst and project lead for 10 years in Peru. The economic crisis in Peru, with up to 3,000% inflation, forced him to look for a better future elsewhere. Emigrating to Europe seemed like his only “way out” at the time..

Upon arrival in Europe, for almost 3 years he wandered the streets as a street musician, including his “poncho and sombrero”. He had no home, no insurance, and was facing an extradition process, which he ultimately won. After almost three years he was able to legally continue his IT career. Starting as a programmer, systems analyst and project leader, he later made it to quality manager.

With Eduardo's background some would call him a “StreetWise mentor” and a story teller. He inspires through his motivational speeches. He tells his stories in a very personal way; with humor, passion and music. He sings about his stories, with his guitar. He uses Dutch, German, English, and Spanish to tell and sing about his life.


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