What I do

What I do

He is a storyteller, an entrepreneur. And he is also active in music and entertainment events..

Inspired by more than 30 years of experience living in Peru and another 30 years in Europe, Eduardo tells his stories and anecdotes in a way that motivate his audience to keep going, keep working, keep fighting, and NEVER give up until you reach your goals. It does not matter how difficult the situation is, there is always a solution. Always believe in yourself. He has been working in the IT sector since 1980..

Working together for a balanced life
It is impossible to ignore the changes of this new era.

Together with my partner Robbie de Jong, a specialist in Burn-out prevention, we offer conferences, sessions, and speeches to motivate companies/organizations and individuals to reconsider their way of living or working. We encourage them to find a balance in life together to be able to turn it into a positive and healthy life. This is extremely necessary to have a flexible and powerful journey in the long term, whether it is in your company or your personal life.


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