Never Give Up

Never give up

Inspiration: I tell stories inspired in my life

I tell stories inspired by 30 years of living in Peru and more than 30 years in Europe.

In my country I survived under difficult circumstances, to be able to pay for my informatic studies. Among others, I cleaned cars and drove taxis. In 1989 with a hyperinflation of 3,000%, I didn't have another way than to look for a beter future in other countries. I emigrated in 1989 and started to live as an illegal street musician with no place to stay and no health insurance. I was practically living as a beggar. I dodged a deportation process, after which I attained the German nationality. I started working as an IT'er again, got multiple promotions, got married, and so the sun started shining again. But will it shine forever?

Motivation: NEVER give up!

I give motivational speeches conveying my life motto: keep going, keep working, keep fighting and NEVER give up!.

I want to let the audience think about their concerns in life and to reconsider their purpose in life. I want to motivate people to fight for their goals and dreams and convey my motto: keep going, keep working, keep fighting and NEVER give up until you reach your goal. It does not matter how difficult the situation is, there is always a solution.

With music: I speak accompanied with my guitar

I tell my stories in my own personal way; with humor, passion, and music, singing with my guitar. I use Dutch, German, English and Spanish to tell my stories and sing.

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